The Project

Project Green Smiley-the emotional bank account for the environmental conscious person.

Why has this project been launched?

During many of our hikes thru our beautiful nature as well as strolling around town, we noticed trash, at weird places and at the pretty ones. What has been done to combat this? Rolling eyes and blame for others. We complain but not „my trash“ and „not my responibility“!

This has to change and the „green smiley“ ist he incentive.

What does „green smiley“ mean ?

Basically it is about collecting foreign, other peoples trash and refuse and to properly dispose of it. Leaving waste behind, in urban or rural locations is no longer an option. Stop annoyance for all of us.
It is easy to earn a „green smiley“. Collect at least one forein object of trash and refuse and be awarded a „green smiley“ Every day you earn one „green smiley“ , disregarding the intensity of your activities. However, attending a CITO or organizing a CITO, both will earn you twenty (20) „green smiley“ points with a maximum of fourty (40) „green smiley“ points per calendar day.

Who may participate?


Yes, everyone! Geocacher and private persons, better known as muggles may participate. As a geocacher you can incoorporate the „green smiley“ statistics in you cacherprofile by simply adding the HTML code. The muggles may include the „green smiley“ in any private website or facebook.

What else do we wish for?

We- that is Fred Bull and Luzzie-reloaded, also know as „Team Longhorn“, and all friends of nature, hope that many, many folks think likewise and will actively support the „green smiley“ project. Our greatest wish is to see this idea spread around the globe and it becoming an active agenda at Groundspeak, providing a project for hundrets of thousands or even millions of participants.Yes, huge in desire, however realistic, we think, and belive in. Crazy, maybe, the Idea will spread.

Manfred Weidner aka Fred Bull