The main aim of this project is the collection of waste, garbage and refuse. The enviornment and our nature is the sole winner. Personal satisfaction of achievemnt is your reward.


Small waste such as cigarette butts do not count. A softdrink can sized foreign object is a starting size.


1 point for every day of collecting waste
5 Point for sharing our banner (HP, FB, …)
20 points for every CITO attended
20 points for organizing a CITO
Honorary „green smileys“ may be awared by the founding members.


Participants maintain an honest log of their own collection activities. The PGS web app is an easy and convenient way to do so.


An exclusive Badge is awarded for every 50 „green smileys“. The banners and badges may be integrated in you GC profile or facebook.


This project is intended to forster our individual awareness for „enviormental friendly“ commuting. A „car free“ day will turn the „green shoe“ dial up a notch.

Major pollutors are pretty much all vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine, ie. Cars, Motorbikes, Scooters, Planes, Helicopters, Marine Vessels….a.s.o.


Simple. Every day not driving a vehicle private or for private using. Public transport is excluded and may/should be utulized. Driving communities are very well.
Turn your „green shoe“ dial up by using anything electric to commute.
We are not condemming the use of cars, however, a few days per year could be commuted via other, less polluting transportation options. The more – the merrier.

Electric Cars

One „green shoe“ is awarded for every day, utilizing an electric vehicle, car, moped a.s.o.

Bustours of 35 persons and above, i.e. leisure trips are equal to public transportation.

Planes are not known for being enviromental friendly, we do not want to foster flight as a means of transport and therefore no „green shoes“ are awared for airtravel to include helicopters.

Marine style travel

We differenciate between private and public transport. Ferries are considered public, so are cruises exceeding 35 passengers.
Any other means private or public does not qualify for „Green Shoes“
However, electric vessels do count for „Green Shoe“.