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Many thanks to Mario for sponsoring a part of our first two tokens!

Many thanks to Melli for sponsoring the pin design!

You like Project Green Smiley and want to support us? Great, we are glad about that!

Why should I support Project Green Smiley?

  • You contribute to a clean nature
  • Your company name is listed at the sponsors page
  • Your company name or logo will be printed on flyers etc. (if applicable
  • Your company name or logo will be printed on litter bags etc. (if applicable)

How are the money and commodity contributions used?

Project Green Smiley is a charitable, non-profit projct with the goal of a clean nature. Money and commodity contributions are exclusively used for the projects purpose.

  • Operating costs for app and website
  • Further development of the app (software licences, hardware, …)
  • Organization of trash collection events (litter bags, picker claws, gloves, provisions, …)
  • Marketing for Project Green Smiley (posters, placards, flyers, …)